Utility Companies (all complexes)

Residents are required to transfer gas and electric services into their name on the first day of their lease. You can contact these companies to schedule in advance. Please arrange for the transfer of services into your name within 48 hours of the lease start date. Failure to do so will result in a monthly administrative fee for each utility left in landlord’s name. If you experience any difficulty, our office is here to help 716-688-2526.


National Fuel
716-686-6123 [P]
716-857-6500 [F]

E-mail: nfg_custsvs@natfuel.com
(paperless billing & paying online)


National Grid
(paperless billing & paying online)


Time Warner Cable


All tenants must pick up a combination modem/router for internet service:

    1. Contact TWC Customer Service 1-866-321-2225 or stop into the local office 720 Maple Rd, Williamsville 14221
    2. Provide your address including Apt # and your information (name, phone # etc.), identification is required
    3. Let them know you have a bulk “Sub” account and that you need to make arrangements for your Wireless Modem (let the representative know that once the equipment is added they will see the codes).
    4. OR
      TWC can ship the wireless modem/router directly to you for self-hookup. Please note that this option is may be slower than picking up the equipment in person. Call customer service at 1-866-321-2225

      Request installation by a technician. This option may take longer and may incur an installation fee. Call customer service at 1-866-321-2225

    5. Once the modem is installed complete the online registration / authentication to start using internet
    6. Register TWC Online ID, this allows for TWC TV Apps and if purchased, premium online content like HBO GO. You may upgrade your internet and/ or cable from the included services by contacting TWC directly. You will be billed by the service provider for any additional services.
    7. If you experience any technical issues, please call TWC Customer Service directly at 1-866-321-2225, be sure to record the case number that they will provide to you.
    8. At the end of your tenancy you will need to return your modem to the TWC local office at 720 Maple Rd, Williamsville 14221. Failure to return modem will result in $75.00 administrative fee.