Set-up or Cancel Electric Service by calling or going online:

National Grid
1-800-642-4272 (paperless billing & paying online)

Residents are required to transfer gas and electric services into their name on the first day of their lease and remain in the resident’s name until the last day of the lease. You can contact these companies to schedule in advance. Please arrange for the transfer of services into your name within 48 hours of the lease start date. Failure to do so will result in a monthly administrative fee for each utility left in landlord’s name.

Set-up for International Residents without a Social Security Number:

1. Call National Grid and ask them to setup or start service in your name, you will need to provide them with your new address

2. National Grid will provide you with a customer number

3. You will need to send them 2 forms of photo I.D.; school I.D. / driver’s license / passport

  • By fax to 315-460-9270, title the document ‘attnSAM:customer#:(include your customer number here)’, and list your phone number on the document
  • By email to (include your customer number and phone number in the email)

4. National Grid will call you after they have processed your paperwork to notify if your account setup has been completed

If you experience any difficulty, our office is here to help 716-688-2526.